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President of the " Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day 

Saints" in the Eastern States, 



Of the Conferences of the " Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day 
Saints," held by special appointment at Peterborough, New Hampshire, 
on the 2d and 3d days of May, Boston, Massachusetts, the 6th ; city 
of New York, 9th and 10th, and in Philadelphia, the 13th and 14th 
days of May ; to take into consideration the most expedient measures 
for the removal and emigration of the Saints in the Eastern States, to 
California, the ensuing Autumn. Elder J. C. Little, President of the 
Eastern Churches, being present and called to preside at each Confer- 
ence, the following Resolutions were unanimously adopted, which we 
give herein. 


Resolved, That we have the fullest confidence in the first Presidency 
of the Church, the Twelve, with Brigham Young at their head. That 
we will sustain them in their high and responsible Office as become* 
the faithful Saints of the most High God. 

Resolved, That we recognise and sustain Elder J. C. Little in the 
Presidency, as appointed by the Quorum of the Twelve, and that we 
will abide his counsel. 

Resolved, That we will in every honourable way, carry into effect 
all the measures that he may deem expedient to lay before us. That 
we will uphold him by our prayers and faith in this great and arduous 
undertaking, in removing the Saints from this Country to California. 

Resolved, That we as a people, will do evtry ihing that lies within 
our power, to remove ourselves, our brethren and friends, who are 
willing to go with us to the land that God has appointed. 

Resolved, That this Convention tender our most hearty thanks to 
his Excellency John H, Steele, Chief Magistrate of the State of N«w 

Hampshire, for his kindness shown to our President, and to us as a 
people under his Jurisdiction. 

Therefore, Resolved, That we will lend our influence to elect and 
sustain him in any Office, either in this or in any other Country, that 
they, the United States, may see fit to confer upon his Excellency. 

Resolved, That we tender our thanks to all those who have, or shall 
assist us in this great enterprise of Emigration. 
In behalf of the Conference, 

J. C. LITTLE, President. 
N. B. Alexander, Clerk. 


Resolved, That we, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 
in the Eastern Lands, feeling the importance of being planted in some 
safe and convenient place, and greatly desiring the society of our be- 
loved brethren who are now emigrating to California; do hereby join 
our hearts and hands, with all we possess, with a firm and fixed de- 
termination to listen to the voice and counsel of those men whom God 
has appointed to lead his people, even the Twelve Apostles, with Brig- 
ham Young as their President, whom we hold as men of God and 
worthy of our most implicit confidence and faith. 

Resolved also, as next in order, That Elder J. C. Little, who has 
been appointed by that Quorum to take charge of the affairs of the 
Church in the Eastern Lands, be upheld by our united faith and con- 
fidence, insomuch that he shall not be trammelled in any way of ac- 
complishing the great and glorious work assigned him by the Lord. 

We hereby resolve and faithfully agree to stand by him in every 
emergency, granting him power and influence in the midst of the great 
and noble men of the earth, withholding no support or aid he may re- 
quire of any sort in our power, to render him, (himself to be the judge,) 
that his mind may be free from unnecessary care and anxiety. 

Resolved fourthly ', That we accept the Circular which he has already 
issued since his appointment by the Twelve, and take it as the man 
of our counsel and govern ourselves accordingly, using all diligence to 
comply with its wholesome advice. 

Resolved fifthly, That we are willing to labor with our hands and 
beg with our lips, and that we will do so till we get deliverance, and 
leave this nation with honor and our garments clean from their blood. 

Resolved sixthly, That we will sustain all the officers in their re- 
spective stations, that our worthy President, J. C. Little, has or may 
appoint to carry on the emigration of the Saints to California and all 
that teach contrary to those men shall not have our confidence or sup- 

Resolved seventhly, and lastly, That we return our sincere thanks 
to our worthy President, J. C. Little, for the good instruction which he 
•has given us in connection with his brethren who have spoken on this 

occasion ; and also to all persons who have or may aid us in any man- 
ner in carrying out this great and laudable enterprise. 
In behalf of the conference. 

J. C. LITTLE, President. 








Resolved, That we, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints 
tn these Eastern Lands, separated as we are from the main body of the 
Church, feeling desirous that we should be planted together in some 
safe and convenient place where we may enjoy the society of those 
who should be the most dear to us — our Brothers and Sisters of one 
common faith, who are now emigrating - to California as fast as they 
can from the land of their nativity ; do most earnestly, under the most 
solemn conviction of its truth, think it our duty for each one of us to 
gather up our substances as speedily as we can and prepare ourselves 
to be in readiness to go out from this crooked and perverse nation, to a 
PROMISED LAND, where we can have a permanent and if we choose 
an EVERLASTING HOME ! free from the difficulties which sur- 
round us here on every side. Where the glad voices of the Redeemed 
shall shout from every hill, making glad the CITY OF OUR GOD ! 
Where the spires of the grand Temples of the Highest shall be seen 
from every quarter, and the thronged multitudes who shall go up 
hither, shall be exalted far above the glories which can await us here. 

Resolved, That in view of these great and lasting privileges, we feel 
willing to listen to the voice of Counsel from our worthy President, and 
hear what " the spirit saith unto the Churches." 

Resolved, That we are willing to receive Elder J. C. Little, who has 
been appointed by the Twelve, to take charge of the Eastern Branches 
of the Church, as the concentrated mind of the Twelve, and enough 
for us to know that he has their confidence. And that we most cordi- 
ally give him our undivided support and uphold him with the Prayer of 
Faith, with the fullest confidence that the Lord will direct his steps. 

Resolved, That as we have taken the Bible as the Man of our Coun- 
cil, that we will not be hindered in cases of emergency in this par- 
ticular, but will do as the Apostles did in Ancient times, we will lay 
down our all at the Apostles' feet, by the help of the Lord and that by 
doing so we believe we are only helping ourselves. 

Resolved, That we are also willing and ready to help carry out 

whatever measures our President may think proper to adopt in carry- 
ing out this laudable undertaking, and will do all that in us lies for the 
promotion of the cause of GOD, in sustaining those whom he may 
choose to appoint over us. 

Resolved, That as Saints of the HIGHEST we will not turn back 
to the beggarly elements of the world, but will press forward and not 
rest satisfied until we reach a place that we can call our own, " where 
Righteousness shall flow down our streets as a River," where the glad 
voices of God's People shall sing unmolested the songs of Zion in new 
anthems of praise that shall be as enduring as the everlasting Hills." 

Resolved and Re-resolved, That whatever our worthy President may 
think proper for us to do, " we will do it with our might," " for in unity 
there is strength," that we will carry out the purposes of God, if he 
makes use of us as his instrument to the fullest extent, God being our 

Resolved, That the thanks of this meeting be tendered to Gov. J. H. 

Steele, of New Hampshire, for his courteous treatment towards our 

worthy President, by giving him letters of Introduction to the great 

men of this nation, and that he may be remembered by us as a People. 

In behalf of the Conference. 

G. T. Newell, Clerk. 

J. C. LITTLE, President. 


At a Special Conference of ihe " Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- 
Day Saints," held in Philadelphia, on Wednesday and Thurs- 
day, May 13 and 14, 1846, to take into consideration the removal of 
the Saints of God from the Eastern Lands to California, President 
J. C. Little, being Chairman, and J. P. Smith, Clerk, ~the Resolu- 
tions of the Conferences held at Peterborough, Boston and New York, 
being read, the same were sanctioned by the Conference. A Committee 
of three were appointed, consisting of Brothers Adams, Smith and 
Housekeeper, to draft Resolutions in behalf of the Conference, expres- 
sive of the feelings and sentiments of the same, 

Therefore, Resolved, That we acknowledge the Twelve, with 
Brother B. Young at their head, as the authorities of the Church, con- 
stituted and appointed by Heaven, and that our faith and prayers shall 
be raised to the God of Heaven for their protection and deliverance 
from the hands of their enemies, and that God will give his Angels 
charge over them and lead them by his Omnipotent arm, that they may 
be instruments in his hands of gathering his people to a land of Peace. 

Resolved, That we will use our utmost endeavours, by all lawful 
and honorable means, by our faith, prayers and substance, which God 
has placed in our hands, to uphold and assist Brother J. C. Little, 
whom we cheerfully acknowledge our President, here in the East, and 
own him as such, and also those whom he has associated with him, to 


aid in the great, glorious and responsible work assigned unto them, in 
gathering together the People of God from these Eastern Lands, to 
California. Where we can enjoy our rights, liberties and religion un- 
molested. Where the Oppressor's foot, the murderers of the Prophets 
of God, shall never tread or desecrate the inheritance, or the camp 
of the Saint*. Where the blood of Saints, the cries of the Widow 
and the moans of Fatherless Orphans shall never be heard. But 
where we # can meet with our Brethren and Sisters and enjoy the bles- 
sings and gifts of His Holy Spirit, redeem our dead, receive our en- 
dowments, with none to molest and make afraid. Where we can rear 
the Temples and Sanctuaries of our God. Gather into the fold of 
Christ the persecuted of Jacob ; where our Sisters can spread their 
board and welcome in the daughters of Eplua'm. 

Resolved, That we will hearken to the counsel of President Little, 
and his associates, in all things appertaining to the cause and king- 
dom of Our God, in rolling it on, and for the deliverance of our 
Brethren and Sisters, who desire to do the will of God and gather with 
his people, and that we have implicit confidence th<.t President Little, 
and associates, will counsel and direct us aright. 

Resolved, That we withdraw the hand of fellowship from every one 
that calumniates, or falsifies, or tries to defame the character of the 
heads of the Church, composed of the Twelve who have travelled 
over sea and land, and through blood and burning, mobs, prisons and 
chains, to preach righteousness and truth to their fellow man, and to 
build up the kingdom of God, which truth and kingdom we are 
rejoicing in. 

Resolved, That we will not receive the teachings or counsel of any 
man, that may come among us, except sent here by the Twelve, the 
Trustees in Trust, or by the Presidency in the East. 

Resolved, That we rejoice in having the privilege of meeting with 
our beloved Brother, President Little, in Conference, and those of his 
Brethren associated with him, and that we say we fully approve of 
their labours and counsel, and bid them God speed. 

In behalf of the Conference, 

J. C. LITTLE, President, 

Jno. P. Smith, Clerk. 



As it is our most earnest desire that the saints under our presidency 
should he made acquainted with all things that will tend to promote 
their welfare, we deem it expedient at the present time to infoim them 
of some alterations and appointments, <fcc, that have necessarily been 
made since our circular was issued, and also to impart some general 
counsel for the welfare of all concerned, which, if they hearken to, they 
will do well: First, Elder Leonard Hardy, of Bradford, of Massa- 
chusetts, in connection with his former appointment, is appointed by 
me to visit the churches in the British Provinces in North America, 
to teach, counsel, and instruct them, and to collect means for emigration 
and obtain all information in regard to the same ; and the Saints where 
he travels are counselled to receive him and give heed to his counsels, 
and assist him in his mission. Elders Holmes and Miles retain their 
appointments, as given in the circular. Elder A. Lutz, of Phila- 
delphia, having removed West, Elder W. I. Appleby, of Recklesstown, 
Burlington County, N. J., has been appointed to take charge of the 
Church in Philadelphia, also in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Dela- 
ware ; and he is appointed to assist me in my labours, and as an Agent, to 
transact business for me and the Church, and to assist me in making 
the necessary arrangement for the emigration from the Eastern Lands, 
— and the Saints are informed to give heed to his counsel, and assist 
him by all in their power, to perform the duties devolving upon him. 
All information relative to the Church here in the East, can be obtained 
by addressing me at Peterborough, New Hampshire ; W. H. Miles, 
No. 149 York St., Brooklyn, L. I. Elder L. Hardy, East Bradford, 
Mass.; and to Elder W. I. Appleby, at Philadelphia, care of J. Gibson 
corner of 3rd and Dock Sts., or to Recklesstown, Burlington County, 
N.J. All communications must be post paid to receive attention; 
therefore, dear brethren, let us endeavor by all honorable means, by 
our faith prayers, diligence, and industry, to be joined together as one 
man, in this great and glorious work in assisting to roll on the work of 
God, and in gathering his people to the place that he has appointed ; 
save every cent you can, to assist you, and let the rich impart of their 
substance to assist their poor brethren, so, if it is possible, we may sail 
by September. We purpose visiting Washington in a few days, to see 
our Father, the President, and the honorable and great men of this na- 
tion, to see if the Government will not assist us in emigrating, by giv- 
ing us freight, or something that will tend to lessen our expenses, and 
when we return you will be duly informed, from time to time, in re- 
gard to the several duties appertaining to our emigration, &c. And 
here let me say, it is a very important period we are living in ; war is 

actually raging between the United States and Mexico — blood has been 
shed and it must be atoned for; now be wise, speak not evil of your 
government nor any one : our wrongs have been told, they are known 
in heaven and on earth, and let that suffice ; our persecutions have 
come from mobs, and not from the general Government, and, at present, 
as far as we can learn it feels disposed to sympathize and succour us. 
Although we are about leaving the land of our fathers, yet, we go as 
Americans, Sons and Daughters of this mighty Republic. We go 
under the protection of our God and the outstretched wing of the 
American eagle. We go devoted to our Counrry, to its constitutions 
and its laws. We love them and believe there is no o'her country ex- 
isting on the earth that has such. And when the people become fully 
acquainted with our merits, persecution will cease ; and in the day and 
hour of danger of our country, we, her sons, will stand by her and 
prove to the world that we are worthy to be called the free and patri- 
otic sons of Columbia. Therefore be wise, and hearken to what the 
spirit saith unto the churches : live virtuous, and let an upright walk 
and a godly conversation characterize your daily walks, and let us leave 
this nation with honor and peace, and leave all events in the hands of 
God — praying that truth and righteousness may flourish on the Earth. 


The " Churches of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" hold their 
meetings at Boston, Mass., in Suffolk Hall, Washington St., opposite 
the Market, Elder David Brown, Presiding. 

New York, in the Broadway Hall, corner Broadway and Grand St., 
Elder Wrn. H. Miles, Presiding. 

Philadelphia, in the Marshall Institute, in Third just above Willow 
St., Elder W. I. Appleby, Presiding. 

Meetings, at each of the above named places, are held every Sabbath 
at 10 o'clock in the Morning — half past two in the afternoon, and half 
past seven in the evening, — preaching forenoon and evenings. 


We would say to the Saints, and all others who purpose going with 
us in September next, that we desire those who have means to spare at 
the present time, to remit to us what they can, as soon as possible, so 
as to secure their passage, and unfetter our hands, to be preparing to get 
the ship ready, for it is impossible to do much without means ; there- 
fore we hope that our call will be promptly responded to. It will be 
credited to them and receipts given, and go towards defraying their pas- 
sage. We also wish all the poor who are desirous of going, who hafcf* 
not means' sufficient of their own, to send in their names, with the 
amount of what they will be able to raise by the time the ship sails, 

and we want the names of those also who have not means, so we can 
regulate all things relating to our emigration in wisdom and righteous- . 
ness, and duly inform the Saints from time to time. 

Funds and names can be remitted by Mail, (post paid,) to me directed, 
to J. C. Little, Peterborough, N. H., or to Elder W. H. Miles, No. 
149 York St., Brooklyn, L. I. ; to Elder L. Hardy, East Bradford, 
Mass. ; or to Elder W. I. Appleby, at Philadelphia, directed to the care 
of Jacob Gibson, Corner Third and Dock St., Pa., or to Recklesstown, 
Burlington County, N. J., who will give receipts for all funds received 
by them to be forwarded to me, — and the same will be duly credited 
towards their passage in the Ship. Therefore, Dear Brethren and 
Sisters, if you desire to gather with the people of the Lord, do not be 
backward, but hold up our hands, and assist us in the deliverance of 
his people. You are not afraid to trust your soul's salvation to the 
counsels and teachings of the Servants of the Lord, and we trust you 
will not think more of your means than you do of your spiritual wel- 
fare. We labour for you and we trust that you will, one and all, render 
us your assistance in the great and responsible work we are engaged 
in, and have been called upon to perform. 

On my return from the City of Washington, which will be in the 
course of two or three weeks, I shall pass through the different Cities, 
stopping a short time in each, on my return to Peterborough ; any one 
having business with me can then be attended to. 


P. S. As we intend publishing once in two weeks, we shall be at 
considerable expense in so doing ; the Saints will, we trust, show their 
liberality by forwarding means to me or to my authorized Agents to 
help to idefray i he expenses e? the s^rr.e. . « J C„ L 

Glorious and Cheering News from the Sandwich 
Islands, England, $c. 

We have received a letter from Elders Addison Pratt and B. F. Grou- 
ard, dated Tahiti, Jan. 9, 1816, giving us cheering news. A branch 
has been raised up on the Island of Touboi, consisting of 64 members, 
and 620 have been baptized on Chain Island. On the Island of Ta- 
hiti the glorious work has also begun. On the Island Tobouni, we are 
informed from the last accounts, that rising of 60 had been baptized ; 
among the number the Queen, heiress to the crown, and all the princi- 
pal men of the Island, and that they had already commenced building a 
vessel to come to America in. v 

In the British Isles the work is also rolling on, 1570 having been bap- 
tized from the first of April 1845, up to the first of December. 10,000 
were represented at the last conference held at Liverpool, and the work 
-A still increasing. Thus we see the words of the Lord fulfilling : 
'" Surely the Isles shail wait for me."